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Docteur en Sciences de Gestion, elle enseigne à l’Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis ainsi qu’au sein du groupe Sup de CO La Rochelle.
Son parcours universitaire et professionnel atypique (Master en Marketing, Master recherche management ; Docteur en Sciences de Gestions ; Enseignante en Marketing, Management, Stratégie, Hôtellerie ; Directrice d’hôtels de Luxe ; Responsable agence de voyage), lui permet de mettre en exergue les bonnes pratiques qu’elle a pu rencontrer.


Since finishing her Doctorate in Management Sciences, Beatrice has used her educational and professional experience to advise on the best-practises required for working in the hotel and tourism industries, and the pit-falls to avoid. Among her qualifications and previous positions she holds Masters in both Marketing and Management Research, she has taught Marketing, Management, Strategy and Hospitality and has worked as the manager of a luxury hotel and as a travel agency executive. She currently lectures at the University of Nice, Sophia-Antipolis, and at Sup de Co in La Rochelle.