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As an Alternative for Financing Efficient Public Infrastructure: Myth or Reality?

This book, which is published further to the author’s Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) dissertation at the Business Science Institute (BSI) in Luxembourg, concerns the performance of public-private partnerships (PPPs) within the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA).

The results of the DBA dissertation reveal that PPPs’ overall performance is independent of their financial or ownership structure. The major finding of this analysis is the role of endogenous and exogenous factors that may explain performance.

That is why this book aims to highlight the analysis of these factors and their consideration in the construction of an environment that favors the growth of PPPs. The objective is to fuel reflections on the progressive construction of such an environment.

Rooted in fieldwork, this book, which concludes with detailed managerial recommendations, is meant to serve both academics – with its topical presentation of the state of the art in PPPs, mobilizing the contributions of economic and financial theory – and practitioners seeking to gain current knowledge of the field and learn from the experiences of past PPPs.

The results obtained, which shed useful light on PPP construction, give readers an opportunity to personally assess PPP implementation in the UEMOA region in response to the following question: Are PPPs a myth or a reality?

Beyond the topic of PPPs, this work surveys the main problems related to infrastructure implementation in Africa: financing and governance, contractualization and institutional framework, planning and evaluation, and performance.

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Date de parution
13 septembre 2022
Nombre de pages
140 x 220
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Kubeterzié Constantin DABIRÉ est expert-comptable diplômé, titulaire d’un Doctorate in Business Administration. Il capitalise plus de vingt ans d’expérience dans le domaine de l’Audit et de la Finance. Il s’intéresse depuis quinze ans à la problématique du financement et du développement des infrastructures en Afrique subsaharienne. A ce sujet, il s’est investi professionnellement dans le domaine du montage et de la structuration de projets en faveur des secteurs public et privé à la Banque Ouest Africaine de Développement, son employeur, de même que dans des cabinets privés.

Il est auteur de deux ouvrages publiés en 2014 et en 2015 portant respectivement sur le financement des partenariats public-privé et sur la problématique du financement des infrastructures.

Conseiller Spécial du Premier Ministre du Burkina Faso en charge des PPP, Constantin DABIRÉ est aussi consultant et chargé de cours dans les instituts supérieurs privés en Afrique.