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Mon panier

The art of welcoming

Béatrice DOGOR DI NUZZO - 2013 - 322 pages

Collection :
Thèmes : Marketing / Vente / Distribution  

ISBN : 978-2-84769-525-0
Année de parution :
Nombre de pages : 322 pages
Format : 140 x 220
Type d'ouvrage : Broché
Disponible : Oui
version papier 24,85 €
e-book 17,99 €
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A professionally orientated approach for the hospitality and tourism industry

This book can be considered a study aid for improving service quality within a company. It is aimed at any person or business wishing to attain a higher level of quality when in contact with customers and suppliers.

When you work in the hotel industry you are often doing so under pressure. Combine this with the fact that the tourism sector is a vital component of French industry, as it is for most other nations of the world, and it is clear that employees need advice and support. However, there are very few books on the subjects of skills and expertise.

This book, which takes an original approach to the subject, aims to redress the balance.

This approach encompasses both the theoretical aspects – so as to explain the concepts and techniques needed for success in the industry and to promote continuous development of your skills – and the practical aspects, using real situations to illustrate the difficulties you will face. A variety of exercises will help you to boost your confidence when faced with such scenarios.

You will find this book a real help when trying to improve your skills in a particular area. At the end of each chapter you will find a selection of words and phrases in English and French which you will need to remember, as well as a series of role playing exercises which you can practice alone or in a group.


Docteur en Sciences de Gestion, elle enseigne à l’Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis ainsi qu’au sein du groupe Sup de CO La Rochelle.
Son parcours universitaire et professionnel atypique (Master en Marketing, Master recherche management ; Docteur en Sciences de Gestions ; Enseignante en Marketing, Management, Stratégie, Hôtellerie ; Directrice d’hôtels de Luxe ; Responsable agence de voyage), lui permet de mettre en exergue les bonnes pratiques qu’elle a pu rencontrer.


Since finishing her Doctorate in Management Sciences, Beatrice has used her educational and professional experience to advise on the best-practises required for working in the hotel and tourism industries, and the pit-falls to avoid. Among her qualifications and previous positions she holds Masters in both Marketing and Management Research, she has taught Marketing, Management, Strategy and Hospitality and has worked as the manager of a luxury hotel and as a travel agency executive. She currently lectures at the University of Nice, Sophia-Antipolis, and at Sup de Co in La Rochelle.